About us

At SSC, we believe in the power of people. People drive business and communities drive people. So where lies the opportunity of growth?

In a strong, expanding and continues nurtured network. We develop new ways of creating opportunities for our clients by renewing ‘being social’. Adding value to our clients is what drives us, it´s the core of our company.

Our team exists of people who are passionate, creative and social by nature. Human connectivity is the DNA of an inbound strategy, so we help with building an online marketing presence that represents our clients culture.

Social is W H A T we are
Service is W H A T we care about

Commited in her heart and mind


What we do, we do best


Be open, be bold, be curious


Open communications

Leadership by example

We are open, honest and genuine


We learn, we change, we adapt

Everything is built and managed to the needs of the individual client. Each business has different objectives, a unique brand voice and a specific target market. Your inbound marketing strategy should reflect these characteristics.

The foundation of this entire creative process is rooted in listening first, speaking second and always measuring.