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Talent is a Business Priority

Probably the most crucial aspects of a company which determine its future is hiring. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or an established company, the right people are needed to take your business to the next level. Business owners worldwide considered hiring as their number one priority even over both income and customer growth because finding top talent is extremely hard. Most people that are looking for jobs are not good enough to grow the business, and when the right employees are looking for employment, your company might not be regarded as the best place for them to build their career. As a result, hiring is now a company priority and not an HR priority.


. . .But Recruiting Has Changed

Recently, job seekers are using different methods to find, research, and apply for jobs; thus, more than 75% of individuals looking for jobs start their search on Google (CareerBuilder, 2017) unlike before when companies were in total control of the recruiting process. To discover what a company is like, which positions are available, and even find salary packages is now easier and quicker than ever. Consequently, employer branding is significant. That is, to create an engaging, helpful job seeker experience, employers need to think more like marketers.


What is Inbound Recruiting?

Through employer branding content and marketing strategies, inbound recruiting creates a remarkable candidate experience which helps companies build relationships with top talent. Companies can reach out to both active and passive job seekers, engage with their network, and delight candidates throughout the application process by using an inbound marketing approach to recruiting.

Major Themes


Content Creation

You need to tell your brand story. Assist work searchers to respond to questions and get a legitimate glimpse inside your organization by making content that is profitable for your applicant persona.


Lifecycle Marketing

The chances of a top professional or saleswoman apply for a job on their first visit to your website must be considerably high. So, thinking like a marketer to nurture relationships and stay in touch over time is paramount.



From a variety of platforms and channels, passive candidates and job seekers learn about your company. By taking your employer brand to them, you can meet them where they are.


You need the full, integrated picture of where your candidates are coming from, for you to understand how inbound recruiting impacts your company’s bottom line. Always dig into your recruiting analytics.



Each organization has a unique arrangement of qualities, inspirations, and points of view. Your company culture should be the north of your inbound efforts since it is your competitive advantage when it comes to hiring.


Inbound Marketing Meets Recruiting

What do you understand of the term ‘inbound’? Over a decade ago, a new way of doing marketing saw light and can be simply called inbound marketing. We understood that even while marketers were previously in charge, consumers were tuning out conventional, interruptive marketing and searching online to get whatever they were searching for. The advertising playbook was out of order, and software companies like HubSpot designed a methodology and software to assist companies to attract, convert, and delight their customers in this modern world. Today, inbound marketing is being used by thousands of businesses around the world to grow and please their customers. Therefore, the blueprint for inbound recruiting is the original inbound playbook.

The four stages of inbound marketing are shown by the graphic above (Social Service Center, 2018) translated to Inbound recruiting. In the world of recruiting, the objective is to attract, engage, and delight your candidates instead of attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers. Copying from the inbound methodology, the following is the inbound recruiting methodology which includes the four phases of an applicant’s journey, and the socialization these people can have with your employer brand in the process. (Note: the tools are outlined under the action in which they first become very important, but that’s not the only area they’re relevant! A number of tools, like events and Glassdoor, could be necessary for many stages of the methodology.)


Consider your company’s candidate experience when you are looking at this graphic. How do the applicants first get to know about your company? Perhaps you have a careers blog that pulls your visitors in, social networking content that gets you on passive candidates’ radars, or a current Glassdoor page. Irrespective of your approach, you need to provide opportunities for them to interact and engage once they have visited your job site for the first time. It is advisable that you convert that interest to action by signing up for your talent network or by subscribing to a career blog.



It is a big decision when one is applying for a job. Realizing the importance of nurturing relationships with the people who have shown interest in your company should not be taken with a levity hand. Sending your prospects useful content about your culture and application procedure, inviting them to recruiting events, or giving them the chance to speak with somebody at your organization via live chat are common methods to offer value in the decision-making process.


In a nutshell, turning your candidates into promoters is equally essential. To create a community that will refer friends to your company or re-apply in the future, you need to take specific steps which include the creation of remarkable interview and application experience, asking for feedback via surveys, and giving candidates who don’t receive an offer to stay in touch.

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